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SSNMR Tools (Updated March 12th, 2015)

SSNMR Tools is a package of two programs, written in MATLAB, to process and analyze solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (SSNMR) data. SSNMR Processor is a program for processing nuclear magnetic resonance signals, called the free induction decays (FIDs), according to user specifications. After that it fast Fourier transforms the signal to yield the spectrum and performs a numerical de-Paking process. SSNMR Fitter (currently in beta) is a tool which imports spectra generated by the SSNMR Processor and can fit line shapes to it using a Nelder-Mead simplex algorithm. Further, it can account for distortion due to pulse widths and relaxation processes.

MATLAB (Source Code)

MATLAB is a programming environment for technical applications. It is available for many platforms, thus allowing this software to run on many platforms as well (provided that MATLAB has been installed). Warning: SSNMR is not supported on MATLAB versions earlier than 7.0.

Download SSNMR Tools for MATLAB (.zip)