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2017 Top 100 students

IUPUI School of Science announces 47 Top 100 Students for 2017

School of Science announces new record number of Top 100 Students for 2017

The Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) School of Science is excited to announce that 47 of its students will be recognized by the IUPUI Alumni Council and the Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR) at the 14th annual Top 100 Outstanding Students Recognition Dinner on March 31.

INDIANAPOLIS – "We congratulate all of the Top 100 honorees," said School of Science Dean Simon Rhodes. "At IUPUI and in the School of Science, our students combine academic excellence with a unique environment where they can also develop remarkable research, leadership and community engagement skills".

With 47 students on this year’s list, the School breaks its previous record of 46. Last year, 10 of the School’s students were placed in the Top 20 and Science student Ayodamola Otun was named the top male student. This year’s Top 100 honorees will be recognized at the annual reception dinner where the Top 20 students will be named.

The Alumni Council and SOAR sponsor the annual awards. A panel of alumni, faculty and staff select the top students based on nominations by IUPUI faculty and staff. Top 100 students show strength in scholastic achievement, collegiate and co-curricular activities and civic/community service.
The following School of Science students were named to the 2017 Top 100:


IUPUI School of Science 47 Top 100 Students for 2017
  First Name Last Name Major Class
1 Dana Alhaffar Neuroscience Senior 
2 Shivani Bajpai Biology Senior
3 Sumeet Banwait Neuroscience


4 Johnna Belkiewitz Neuroscience Junior
5 Youstina Beshay Biology Junior
6 Emma Brown Chemistry Senior
7 Jarrett Campbell Biology and Neuroscience Senior
8 Thrasher Carmichael Psychology Senior
9 Mark Daluto Community Health/Biology


10 Priya Dave Medical Humanities and Biology Junior
11 Elyse Feder Biology, B.S. and Neuroscience B.S. Junior 
12 Courtney Finnearty Biology, Forensic Investigative Science Junior
13 Rachel Griebel Neuroscience


14 Simran Gurdasani Applied Mathematics and Physics Senior
15 Madison Harris Biology and Neuroscience Senior
16 Alexandra Hochstetler Biology Senior
17 Denver Huynh Computer Science Senior
18 Lindsey Jones Psychology Junior
19 David Kane Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics Senior
20 Ariba Khalid Biology and Neuroscience Senior
21 Ibrahim Khan Biology BS & Chemistry BA  Junior
22 Isaac Lamb Biology B.S. and Neuroscience B.S. Junior 
23 Rachel Larsen Neuroscience Junior
24 Rebekah Lawson Psychology Junior
25 Benjamin Leeds Neuroscience


26 Kevin Lema Biology & Neuroscience Junior
27 Nicole Lindsay Biology Senior
28 Malissa Magiera Neuroscience/Biology Senior
29 Casey Miller Biology


30 Kelly Moors French, Neuroscience, Biology Senior
31 Amira Nafiseh Biology & Neuroscience Senior
32 Dana Oakes Biology & Neuroscience Junior
33 Victor Olafusi Biology & Neuroscience Junior
34 Ryan  O'shaughnessy Biology Senior
35 Abigail Parker Biology and Spanish Senior
36 Leia Peterman Biology Senior
37 Melanie Scheive Neuroscience Senior
38 Sidney Shaffer Chemistry Senior
39 Casey Sieferman Biology B.S., Neuroscience B.S. Senior
40 Amna Sohail Chemistry Senior 
41 Isabel Strobel Biology BS Junior
42 Oliver Strobel Chemistry - Biological Option Senior
43 Ali Tahir Biology Senior
44 Samantha Thomas Biology Senior
45 Brielle Warnock Chemistry, Biology Junior
46 Phillip Witcher Chemistry Senior
47 Jenny  Yang Biology; Spanish Junior




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