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Lab culture with Down syndrome researcher Randall Roper

The Lab Culture series explores the research, traditions and quirks in labs across the IUPUI campus.

Written By: Tim Brouk

In a roundabout way, the velvety voice of Steve Perry could inspire the next breakthrough in the study of Down syndrome.

  • Distinguished Alumnus Award and Reception

  • Floral color in Bouncing Bet (Saponaria officinalis): a study from pollinators to molecules

  • Novel Nanoparticle Enzyme Delivery Applications

  • Actin dynamics and stereocilia stability

  • Multifunctional myosins control stereocilia development and maintenance

  • Understanding human physical appearance and its prediction

  • Cell Types as Building Blocks of Neural Circuits

  • Biofabrication

  • BETA Watch Out: Dysregulated Hypusine Biosynthesis Influences Development and Disease

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