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Cody Welch, Neuroscience, Undergraduate

Student explores science on the brain

Cody Welch | Neuroscience, Undergraduate | Neuroscience Program During a high school science program, Cody Welch discovered he had a knack for problem-solving.

While researching college options he became fascinated with the brain and decided to apply his talents to a neuroscience degree at IUPUI.

“The neuroscience program has helped me to develop my skills and pursue opportunities I never thought would be within reach,” Cody said. “I’ve just been accepted in the Life-Health Science Internship program here at IUPUI and am super excited to be able to design my own neurological research methods.”

From teaching Biology K101 to being the treasurer of the Neuro Club, Cody thinks that IUPUI offers the perfect opportunities for students who love science.

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