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Maggie Hedrick, Computer Science, Undergraduate

Computer science program the right size, right fit

Maggie Hedrick | Computer Science, Undergraduate | Department of Computer & Information Science Maggie Hedrick grew up in southeastern Indiana but admits even she was a bit surprised at the caliber of the computer science program at IUPUI.

First attracted by the location and value of the School of Science at IUPUI, Hedrick said she quickly learned the Department of Computer and Information Science offered many more benefits. The Batesville, Ind., native now more quickly mentions the reputation of the program and the personal approach by its faculty and staff.

“It wasn’t until I got to school (fall of 2009) when I actually realized it was a really good program,” said Hedrick. “Because it is a smaller program, you become really familiar with the faculty. I know most of my professors on a first-name basis.”

She was right, but she also learned about the science of computer science. It’s more than just computers.When she began college, Hedrick also said she thought computer science was just about programming. She excelled at a programming class while in high school and always enjoyed video games, so she thought she could do well studying computer science.

“I think it has taught me to look at the world differently,” she said. “(Computer science) helps you to learn how to break things apart easier and solve difficult problems.”

“But, you can’t just jump in on a lark,” Hedrick added. “The professors want us all to succeed, but they have high expectations and there is no slacking off in this program.”

Hedrick described herself as a serious student, which she says is the right approach at IUPUI, where students can avoid the distractions of a larger campus. IUPUI students are expected to focus on their academics and personal growth, she said.

Outside of class, Hedrick discusses her student experience at events hosted by the School of Science for prospective students. She also participates in the Computer Science Club.

She also works for the University Information Technology Services (UITS), the university’s technology and training arm. She enjoys knitting, reading science fiction novels and cooking.

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