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Dana Yenko, Forensic and Investigative Sciences, Undergraduate

Forensics student questions everything

Dana Yenko | Forensic and Investigative Sciences, Undergraduate | Forensic & Investigative Sciences Program While many students are drawn to forensics by the glamour of the TV show CSI, Dana Yenko discovered her love of forensics during a biotechnology class that examined how to separate DNA.

“I love how science intersects with the criminal justice system,” says Dana. “The forensic science program at IUPUI is one of the best in the nation and being in the city provides so many opportunities.”

Dana’s leadership skills have grown through her experiences as an RA and as chemistry mentor. She’s also secured a summer internship in a crime lab and a spot in the Life-Health Sciences Internship program, which will give her a chance to really apply her science knowledge.

These experiences helped her figure out her next move after graduation – she’s moving to Virginia this summer to work as a DNA technologist at Bode Cellmark Forensics. 

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