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Elliot Boyle, Environmental Science, Undergraduate

Can undergraduate save the world with science?

Elliot Boyle | Environmental Science, Undergraduate | Department of Earth Sciences Elliot Boyle wants to save the world.

He might not admit to such a lofty goal, but as an environmental sciences major he is excited to make an impact on conserving and protecting our planet through sustainable scientific approaches.

Growing up, Boyle’s family spent much of their time outdoors and put an emphasis on traveling, encouraging him to develop an affinity for diverse ecosystems and environmental concerns from a young age.

“I chose my degree to gain a better understanding of the natural systems of the earth, and how humans currently work to sustain them,” he shared. “I hope to use my knowledge of science to help solve some of the environmental issues that we are currently facing and will continue to fight against in the future.”

Understanding the environment

Wasting no time in gaining hands-on experience with environmental sciences research, Boyle began an internship with the Heritage Research Group the day after he graduated high school. Nearing the end of his fourth year with Heritage, Boyle works in environmental remediation to solve compliance issues that companies face due to environmental regulations.

Through this internship, along with campus and international research programs, Boyle says he has gained a deeper appreciation for the interdisciplinary work that goes into solving problems in environmental fields.

In Philanthropolis, a project through IUPUI’s Multi-Disciplinary Undergraduate Research Institute, Boyle explored the contrast between non-profit organizations and city governments in the creation of major public works through anthropology and sustainable policy perspectives.

Boyle also participated in an IUPUI study abroad program in Russia where he worked on projects that combined law, climate change, and conservation perspectives to study the Russian environment.

Creating a sustainable community  

The School of Science is a second home to Boyle. Working as volunteer coordinator for the IUPUI Science Ambassador Leadership Team (SALT) for the last two years, Boyle recently took his leadership role in the school further, winning a position as the president of the School of Science Undergraduate Student Council. During his time in office, Boyle hopes to continue the School’s efforts to become more environmentally friendly.

Nicole Amonette, Associate Director of Enrollment Relations, has enjoyed watching Boyle grow during his time working with the School of Science.

“Elliot is very clearly passionate about the legacy that he hopes to leave on our school,” Amonette said. “Many students are excited about ideas and wait for others to implement them, but Boyle is a true-action taker.”

After graduating from IUPUI, Boyle plans to attend law school and pursue a master’s degree in environmental science. Until then, he will continue to travel and find new ways of understanding and appreciating the world around him.

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