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Chandra Flack, Physics, Alumni

Physics alum takes unique skill set to medical school

Chandra Flack | 2010 Alumna, B.S. Physics, M.D. Student, IU School of Medicine | Department of Physics If there’s a standout in every crowd, Chandra Flack is a likely candidate.

The sole female physics major in her School of Science graduating class, Flack has become accustomed to questions about her major and her desire to become a doctor.

“I’m definitely taking a different approach to medical school by not majoring in biology or chemistry,” says Flack, who graduated with a physics degree in May 2010 and is entering the Indiana University School of Medicine. “I’ve always been very interested in physics, and with IUPUI being a life sciences campus, it was a good fit for someone wanting to go to medical school.”

To ensure a background suited to studying medicine, Flack completed a number of chemistry and biology courses and also participated in biophysics research projects as an undergraduate. She worked alongside Dr. Stephen Wassall in physics and Dr. William Stillwell in biology on studies designed to show how Vitamin E affects biological membranes.

Flack says her experiences at the school – especially serving as president of the student council and tutoring other students – have served her well in preparing for medical school.

“I can’t say enough about how the opportunities at the school have helped me develop better leadership and problem-solving skills.”

A self-proclaimed “science and math person,” Flack says she has always aspired to a career in medicine. She is particularly drawn to preventive medicine and hopes to work in some form of primary care helping people with chronic medical conditions improve their quality of life.

“I’m more interested in keeping people out of the emergency room than being one of the doctors in the emergency room,” Flack says. “I’d like to help people who have health-related challenges avoid the risks and lead healthier lives.”

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