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Le Luo, Ph.D. Physics


Graduate Students

Leonardo de Melo

Xin Chen

Publications & Professional Activities

Jiaming Li, Ji Liu, Wen Xu, Leonardo de Melo, Le Luo, "Parametric cooling of a degenerate Fermi
gas in an optical trap", Physical Review A 93, 041401(R) (2016)

Antonio A. R. Neves, Philip H. Jones, Le Luo, and Onofrio M. Marag, "Focus issue introduction:
optical cooling and trapping", Optics Express, 23, 9917 (2015).

Jiaming Li, Le Luo, Jeff Carvell, Ruihua Cheng, Zixin Wang, and Tianshu Lai,"Shot-noise-limited
Optical Faraday Polarimetry with Enhanced Laser Noise Cancelling", Journal of Applied Physics 115,
103101 (2014)

S. Pironio, A. Acin, S. Massar, A. Boyer de la Giroday, D. N. Matsukevich, P. Maunz, S. Olmschenk, D. Hayes, Le Luo, T. A. Manning, C. Monroe, "Random Numbers Certified by Bell's Theorem" Nature 464,1021 (2010). 

Le Luo, D. Hayes, T.A. Manning, D.N. Matsukevich, P. Maunz, S. Olmschenk, J.D. Sterk, and C. Monroe, "Protocols and Techniques for a Scalable Atom-Photon Quantum Network" Fortschritte der Physik 57, 1133-1152, (2009)

Le Luo, J.E. Thomas "Thermodynamic measurements in a strongly interacting Fermi gas" Journal of Low Temperature Physics 154 1-29 (2009). 

X. Du, Le Luo, B. Clancy, J.E. Thomas "Observation of anomalous spin segregation in a trapped Fermi gas" Physical Review Letters 101, 150401 (2008). 

Le Luo, B.Clancy, J.Joseph, J.Kinast, J.E.Thomas "Measurement of the entropy and critical temperature of a strongly interacting Fermi gas" Physical Review Letters 98,080402 (2007) . 

B.Clancy, Le Luo, J.E.Thomas "Observation of nearly perfect irrotational flow in normal and superfluid strongly interacting Fermi gases" Physical Review Letters 99,140401 (2007). 

J.Joseph, B.Clancy, Le Luo, J.Kinast, A.Turlapov, J.E.Thomas "Sound propagation in a Fermi gas near a Feshbach resonance" Physical Review Letters, 98, 170401 (2007). 

Le Luo, B.Clancy, J.Joseph, J.Kinast, A.Turlapov, J.E.Thomas "Evaporative cooling of unitary Fermi gas mixtures in optical traps" New Journal of Physics, 8,213 (2006). 

Z.X.Wu, H.B.Jiang, Le Luo, H.C.Guo, H.Yang, Q.Gong "Multiple focus and long filament of focused femtosecond pusle propagation in fused silica" Optics Letters, 27, 448 (2002).

Honors, Awards and Grants

  • Summer Faculty Award, Purdue Research Foundation (2014)
  • Joint Quantum Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Maryland and NIST (2008-2011).
  • Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad, China Scholarship Council (2008).
  • Fritz London Fellowship, Duke University (2007). 
  • Wang Daheng Optics Prize, Chinese Optical Society (2001).
  • Jianhao Scholarship, All-China Students' Federation (1997)
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