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Undergraduate Research

Physics undergraduates have a unique opportunity to participate in real research with renowned faculty.

Our undergraduate students have co-authored research papers and presented at national conferences. These kinds of opportunities just don't happen at other research institutions - and they are exactly what help our students get into graduate school, medical school or the job that they want.

Because our student to faculty ratio is only 3:1, all undergraduates have the opportunity to work directly with faculty. Many of our students do so for the entire 4 years of their degree programs.

Undergraduate research opportunities in physics

Students can pursue research projects with faculty for academic credit or be paid for their work. The first step is to look at our research pages and decide what looks interesting! Once you have done this, contact the faculty members you might want to work with to hear more about opportunities in their research groups. Email is always a good way to contact them, but you can also drop by our offices in the LD building. 

But I'm not a physics major!

That's no problem. Our faculty welcome students from all over the university to work with us.

Capstone research

Students majoring in physics consolidate their undergraduate studies by applying what they have learned in a capstone experience in one of the department's research labs. Each student is expected to join a faculty member's research group and participate in a project that provides experience in a professional setting. Undergraduate students may begin research as early as their freshman year. Students interested in research should contact any of the professors in the department.

IUPUI Programs & Funding

Another way to get support for your research efforts is to work through the IUPUI's Center for Research and Learning. You and your faculty mentor can apply for funding to support your work through many different CRL programs. 

Life-Health Sciences Internships

Life-Health Sciences Internships connect IUPUI life and health sciences undergraduates with research and professional experience internships on and near the IUPUI campus. This program helps students to explore their career objectives and future career pathways while also fostering valuable professional connections between students and faculty and staff. The students belong to a community of interns and mentors who support one another throughout the internship experience and beyond. 

Learn more and apply

STEM Summer Internship

The STEM Summer Internship Program is funded by the Center for the Advancement of STEM Education (UCASE) at IUPUI. It aims to engage Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students in educationally purposeful activities that allow them the opportunities to examine their interest in and disposition for teaching science in middle or high schools. STEM Education Interns receive $3,000 stipends for working full-time in seven-week summer internship positions at IUPUI and other non-profit organizations in Indianapolis. 

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Research delivers the full college experience for physics student

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