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Physics student working with lab equipment

Research Centers & Facilities

Physics research centers enable faculty and their student teams to engage in ongoing interdisciplinary projects, funded in part by federal grants and foundation support.

Nanoscale Imaging Center

The Nanoscale Imaging Center (NIC) completes the existing biomedical imaging capabilities at IUPUI, the Indiana Center of Excellence in BioMedical Imaging (IN-CEBI) with its whole body imaging focus and the Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy with its cellular level imaging focus. The NIC anchors a campus effort to investigate the behavior of single molecules and nanostructures, with an emphasis on medical, biological, and materials science applications.

NIC focus includes the broad areas of:

  • Subcellular imaging
  • Biomimetics for biomaterials and biosensors
  • Nanotechnology and development of next generation nanoscale imaging probes and instrumentation


Center for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Using the techniques of nuclear magnetic resonance, the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center conducts basic and applied research on metabolism, and on structure-function relationships of biological macromolecules.

Visit the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center site for more information.


Other major research equipment

  • Small angle X-ray scattering
  • Sputter deposition system
  • UHV deposition with in-situ surface analysis
  • Near-field scanning optical microscope
  • 2 laser labs
  • X-band EPR spectrometer
  • High performance computer cluster

Physics professor appreciates IUPUI’s interdisciplinary environment

Horia Petrache, Ph.D. Associate Professor
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