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Graduate student looking up from lab equipment

High-School Research Opportunities

Open to high school juniors and seniors (and advanced sophomores), the Summer Research Experience in Physics is an intensive six-week summer research program beginning in mid-June. Selected students are paired with faculty mentors, and participate in cutting-edge research projects in the IUPUI Department of Physics. At the end of the program, each student must complete a written research report and deliver a presentation to physics faculty and fellow students.

This is a competitive program sponsored by the Department of Physics at IUPUI and by the D. J. Angus-Scientech Educational Foundation. Positions will be filled based on a merit review. There is no registration/fee for this program.

Applications are due April 1. Please complete the online application.

Contact: hpetrach@iupui.edu

Physics alum takes unique skill set to medical school

Chandra Flack 2010 Alumna, B.S. Physics, M.D. Student, IU School of Medicine
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