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Giovanna Guidoboni, Adjunct Professor

Giovanna Guidoboni

Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor of Ophthalmology, Indiana University School of Medicine
Gutenberg Chair, University of Strasbourg, France
Joint Chair Labex IRMIA and IUPUI
Department of Mathematical Sciences

I am an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences of IUPUI (Indiana University and Purdue University at Indianapolis), Adjunct Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology (Indiana University School of Medicine), and Acting Co-Director of the School of Science Institute of Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science (iM2CS).

I have a MSc in Engineering of Materials and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Ferrara (Italy). My area of research is Applied Mathematics and I am particularly interested in mathematical and computational modeling of complex fluid flows arising in engineering and bio-medical applications.

Currently, I am focusing on an interdisciplinary project on the modeling of ocular blood flow. The goal of this project is to investigate the bio-mechanical connections between vascular function and optic nerve damage, in order to gain a better understanding of the risk factors that may be responsible for glaucoma onset and progression.


The main focus of my research is on the mathematical and computational modeling of fluid flow in deformable domains. This includes fluid-structure interactions, such as the interaction between blood flow and vascular tissue in the cardiovascular system, and free capillary surface flows, such as coating flows.

Currently, I am working on the mathematical modeling of ocular blood flow in collaboration with Dr. Alon Harris (Ophthalmology, Indiana University School of Medicine).

My research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Indiana University Collaborative Research Grant program of the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Department of Mathematics of IUPUI, the Texas Education Board Advanced Research Program, the Fulbright, the Institute for Biomedical Imaging Sciences (IBIS) at the University of Houston, and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Houston.

Publications & Professional Activities

Books and Book Chapters.

Integrated multidisciplinary approaches in the study and care of the human eye.
Editors: P. Causin, G. Guidoboni, R. Sacco, A. Harris. Kugler Publications, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2014)
Proceedings of the First Milano Workshop on Integrated Multidisciplinary Approaches for the Study and Care of the Human Eye, Milan, Italy, June 26-27, 2013 

N. Geffen, G. Guidoboni, S. Armarnik, A. Amireskandari, A. Harris. Relative roles of risk factors in the evaluation of a gluacoma suspect: clinical perspective and mathematical modeling. Invited chapter in the book Rational management of the glaucoma suspect patient. The frontier. Editorial coordinator: Dr. Angeles Ramos Cadena. In Press.

Research Articles

P. Causin, G. Guidoboni, F. Malgaroli, R. Sacco, A. Harris. Blood flow mechanics and oxygen transport and delivery in the retinal microcirculation: multiscale mathematical modeling and numerical simulation. Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology. Submitted (December 2014) 

S. Cassani, G. Guidoboni, I. Janulviciene, L. Carichino, B.A. Siesky, L.A. Tobe, A. Amireskandari, D.P. Baikstiene, A. Harris.Effect of trabeculectomy on retinal hemodynamics: mathematical modeling of clinical data (2014). In P. Causin, G. Guidoboni, R. Sacco and A. Harris (Eds), Integrated Multidisciplinary Approaches in the Study and Care of the Human Eye (pp. 29-36). Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Kugler Publications. 

J. Park, A. Amireskandari, G. Guidoboni, B. Siesky, A. Harris. Open-angle glaucoma and blood flow (2014). In P. Causin, G. Guidoboni, R. Sacco and A. Harris (Eds), Integrated Multidisciplinary Approaches in the Study and Care of the Human Eye (pp. 67-76). Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Kugler Publications 

L. Carichino, G. Guidoboni, B.A. Siesky, A. Amireskandari, I. Januleviciene, A. Harris. Effect of intraocular pressure and cerebrospinal fluid pressure on the blood flow in the central retinal vessels (2014). In P. Causin, G. Guidoboni, R. Sacco and A. Harris (Eds), Integrated Multidisciplinary Approaches in the Study and Care of the Human Eye (pp. 59-66). Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Kugler Publications. 

P. Causin, G. Guidoboni, F. Malgaroli, R. Sacco, A. Harris. Mathematical modeling of retinal microcirculation and oxygen delivery (2014). In P. Causin, G. Guidoboni, R. Sacco and A. Harris (Eds), Integrated Multidisciplinary Approaches in the Study and Care of the Human Eye (pp. 161-175). Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Kugler Publications 

P. Causin, G. Guidoboni, A. Harris, D. Prada, R. Sacco, S. Terragni, A poroelastic model for the perfusion of the lamina cribrosa in the optic nerve head. Math Biosci. 257 (2014) 33-41 

G. Guidoboni, A. Harris, S. Cassani, J. Arciero, B. Siesky, A. Amireskandari, L. Tobe, P. Egan, I. Januleviciene, J. Park, Intraocular Pressure, blood pressure and retinal blood flow autoregulation: a mathematical model to clarify their relationship and clinical relevance.  Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 55(7) (2014) 4105-18

G. Guidoboni, A. Harris, L. Carichino, Y.  Arieli, B.A. Siesky, Effect of Intraocular Pressure on the Hemodynamics of the Central Retinal Artery: a Mathematical Model. Math Biosci Eng. 11(3) (2014) 523-546

B. Marek, A. Harris, P. Kanakamedala, E. Lee, A. Amireskandari, L. Carichino, G. Guidoboni, L.A. Tobe, B.A. Siesky, 
Cerebrospinal fluid pressure and glaucoma: regulation of trans-lamina cribrosa pressure. B. J. Ophthalmol. 98(6) (2013) 721-725

G. Guidoboni, A. Harris, J.C. Arciero, B.A. Siesky, A. Amireskandari, A.L. Gerber, A.H. Huck, N.J. Kim, S. Cassani, L. Carichino. Mathematical modeling approaches in the study of glaucoma disparities among people of African and European Descents. J. Coupled Syst. Multiscale Dyn. 1(1) (2013) 1-21

J. Arciero, A. Harris, B. Siesky, A. Amireskandari, V. Gershuny, A. Pickrell, G. Guidoboni. Theoretical analysis of vascular regulatory mechanisms contributing to retinal blood flow autoregulation. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 54(8) (2013) 5584-93

A. Harris, G. Guidoboni, J. Arciero, A. Amireskandari, L.A. Tobe, B.A. Siesky, Ocular Hemodynamics and Glaucoma: The Role of Mathematical Modeling. Review Article. Eur J Ophthalmol. 23(2) (2013) 139-146

G. Guidoboni, M. Guidorzi, M. Padula, Continuous dependence on initial data in fluid-structure motions.J. Math. Fluid Mech., Vol. 14, No.1 (2012) 1-32. 

S. Primus, A. Harris, B.A. Siesky, G. Guidoboni. Diabetes: a risk factor for glaucoma? Br J Ophthalmol. 95(12) (2011) 1621-1622

A. Quaini, S. Canic, G. Guidoboni, R. Glowinski, S. Igo, C. Hartley, W. Zoghbi, S. Little. Validation of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Model to Study the Assessment and Severity of Mitral Regurgitation. Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology Vol. 2 (no. 2) (2011)  77-89

O. Boiarkine, D. Kuzmin, S. Canic, G. Guidoboni, A. Mikelic, A Positivity Preserving ALE Finite Element Scheme for Convection-Diffusion Equations in Moving Domains. J. Comput. Phys. 230 (2011) 2896-2914.

A. Quaini, S. Canic, G. Guidoboni, R. Glowinski, S. R. Igo, C. J. Hartley, W. A. Zoghbi, S. H. Little, Numerical Simulation of an Ultrasound Imaging Model of Mitral Valve Regurgitation. Cardiology (Abstracts) 115:251--293 (2010).

J. I. Diaz, G. Guidoboni, T. Kim, R. Glowinski, Qualitative properties of the solutions to Bingham flow type problems: on the geometry of their support and their stabilization for large time. Rev. R. Acad. Cien. Serie A. Mat RACSAM Vol. 104, No. 1 (2010) 157-200. 

T. Kim, S. Canic, G. Guidoboni, Existence and uniqueness of a solution to a three-dimensional axially symmetric Biot problem arising in modeling blood flow. Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis 9 (4) 839-865 (2010). 

G. Guidoboni, R. Glowinski, N. Cavallini, S. Canic, Stable loosely-coupled-type algorithm for fluid-structure interaction in blood flow. J. Comput. Phys. Vol. 228, Issue 18 (2009) 6916-6937. 

Honors, Awards and Grants

NSF-DMS 1224195. Mathematical Biology, 2012-2015 
Mathematical Modeling of Ocular Mechanics, Circulation and Oxygenation and their Relation to Glaucoma 
G. Guidoboni (PI), CoPI: J. Arciero (IUPUI), Collaborator: A. Harris (Ophthalmology, Indiana University School of Medicine)

Mathematical modeling of ocular blood flow and its relation to glaucoma 
G. Guidoboni (PI), CoPI: A. Harris (Ophthalmology, Indiana University School of Medicine)

NSF-DMS 0811138. Computational Mathematics, 2008-2011 
Collaborative Research: Efficient solvers for free boundary flows of complex fluids 
G. Guidoboni (PI), CoPIs: R. Glowinski (U. of Houston), M. Pasquali (Rice U.)

Finalist for the UH Teaching Excellence Award 2009.

IBIS 2008 Seed Grant. Institute for Biomedical Imaging Sciences, 2008-2009 
Mitral Valve: 3D-Image sequence analysis and mechanical modeling R. Azencott (U. of Houston) (PI), CoPIs: S. Canic, R. Glowinski, G. Guidoboni (U. of Houston), W. Zoghbi, S. Little (The Methodist Hospital) 

ARP 003652-0051-2006. Texas Education Board Advanced Research Program - Mathematics, 2006-2008 
Mathematical Models for cardiovascular stenting 
 S. Canic (PI), G. Guidoboni (CoPI) 

Summer Research Grant 2006. Department of Mathematics, University of Houston 
Operator splitting for the numerical simularion of fluid flow in deformable domains with application to blood flow 
G. Guidoboni (Single PI) 

Fulbright Research Scholarship University of Houston (USA), February-July 2004 
Numerical Algorithms for the simulation of the flow of incompressible viscous fluids in deformable domains 
 G. Guidoboni (Single PI) 

Marie Curie Training Fellowship University of Surrey (UK), April-July 2003 
Pattern selection in Faraday waves 
G. Guidoboni (PI) 

Fondo Giovani Ricercatori University of Ferrara (Italy), 2002-2003 
Mathematical Models in Mathematical Physics 
 G. Guidoboni (PI), E. Piras (CoPI), B. J. Jin (CoPI)

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