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Meiere Symposium

"A Quantum of Physics"


The IUPUI School of Science and the Department of Physics are proud to present:

The Meiere Symposium, "A Quantum of Physics". 
November 15, 2019
8:30AM - 12:30PM
Lilly Auditorium (University Library)

Each year, the Forrest Meiere Visiting Scientist program brings a distinguished scientist to IUPUI. Scientists are selected by a faculty panel for their distinguished and ongoing contributions to a field related to the current research efforts of our department. During their stay at IUPUI, Visitors interact with faculty and graduate students on scientific issues; give an undergraduate level talk; and deliver the keynote presentation in a half-day symposium highlighting work at IUPUI related to their own.

Register now to attend the symposium. For any questions about the symposium, please contact Andrew Gavrin at agavrin@iupui.edu.



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