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Undergraduate Elliot Boyle in an asphalt lab

Undergraduate research

An exciting feature of the geology degree programs is undergraduate research. Research is not limited to the laboratory and often includes learning opportunities in the field. Students who participate in undergraduate research receive financial support and an opportunity to work directly with world-renowned faculty in a laboratory environment (as early as the freshman year). Research students benefit from personal attention and excellent academic and career advising.

Undergraduate student's typically present their research by giving a oral presentation or a scientific poster at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, North-Central Geological Society of America meeting, or meetings of Indiana University researchers, professional geologists, or environmental consultants and regulators.

Get Involved in Research

Get started as early in your undergraduate career as possible so you have a chance to build your skills and contribute to the research for the team you work with. You may find that you do research in your freshman year and continue until graduation.

Step 1: Learn about the research going on in the department and beyond and identify two or three areas that interest you.

  • Visit faculty web pages to learn about their fields of interest.
  • Talk to your advisor.
  • Talk to other students and your TA's about their research.
  • Look at the posters in the hallways of the department.

Step 2:Contact two or three faculty members and ask for an appointment to discuss their research and the possibility of an undergrad position on their team. If you don't hear back within a few weeks, send another email or drop by their office.

Research Funding & Programs

The Center for Research and Learning maintains a list of many IUPUI sponsored Undergraduate Funding Opportunities. Several of these that may be of interest to you include the University Research Opportunities Program (UROP), Multidisciplinary undergraduate research institute (MURI), and Commitment to Excellence in STEM Scholarship (contact Angel Campbell).

Sophomores and juniors may apply for the Life/Health Sciences Internship Program, which offers many opportunities for research in the IU School of Medicine and other health professions schools on campus.

Additionally, check out the School of Science Institute for Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science research opportunities for students.

“I hope to use my knowledge of science to help solve some of the environmental issues that we are currently facing and will continue to fight against in the future.”

Elliot Boyle Environmental Science, Undergraduate
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