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Alumni enjoying a drink at Science on Tap

Science on Tap: What's lurking in your backyard?

Speaker: Gabriel Filippelli, Ph.D. Location: Blind Owl Brewery

Join us as Gabriel Filippelli, Ph.D.Professor in the department of Earth Sciences and Director of the Center for Urban Health, presents "What's lurking in your backyard? Citizen-science efforts to find contaminants in urban soils, and to get rid of them.

Join us for a cold drink and some enlightening conversation at the latest installment of Science on Tap! This series is sponsored by the School of Science & the School of Science Alumni Association and is a 21 and older event. 

Event Details

  • 5:30 p.m. - Networking Hour
  • 6:30 p.m. - Presentation
  • 7:15 p.m. - Q & A
  • Questions? Email us
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