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Physics Colloquium

Speaker: Mahdi Hosseini Location: LD 010

Speaker: Mahdi Hosseini

Exploring Quantum Regime of Atom-Photon Dynamics for Applications in Sensing, Communication and Computations

Abstract:The coherent interaction of photons with atoms has broad applications in sensing, communication and computations. Understanding light-matter dynamics at the micro and macroscopic scales is the key to developing scalable quantum photonic technologies. I will review our prior and recent results demonstrating various quantum mechanical effects at the atom-photon interface including quantum storage, photon-photon phase modulation, cavity cooling of atoms, cavity quantum electrodynamic interaction of photons with atoms and anomalous light emission from an array of atoms on chip. I will also discuss our plan for implementation of a scalable quantum communication network.


Refreshments will be served in LD 154B from 3:00-3:30pm.