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Physics Colloquium-Canceled

Speaker: William N. Plick Location: LD 010

William N. Plick

New Nonlinear Optical Systems for Quantum Computing and Sensing

Abstract: Photons in free-space do not interact with each other. This is an advantage if one wishes to preserve or transport quantum information encoded in light. However it is a disadvantage when performing operations (computations) and when making measurements with light. Optical Nonlinearities mediate photon-photon interactions and allow the creation and manipulation of explicitly-quantum states of light. We will cover some of the basic theory and development and then present two recently-studied physical systems which take advantage of Optical Nonlinearity: the Synchronously-Pumped-Optical-Parametric Oscillator, investigated in Quantum Computing; and the Induced-Coherence Interferometer, a potentially super-sensitive device with novel features.


Refreshments will be served in LD 154B from 3:00-3:30pm.