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Lewis and Brønsted Acid Promoted Reactions or Organoboronate Nucleophiles

Speaker: Jeremy May, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Houston Location: 402 N Blackford St. Indianapolis, IN 46202 LD 010

In the pursuit of the synthesis of biologically active natural products (compounds originally isolated from natural sources), powerful reactions using organocatalytic or acid catalysts (i.e., not transition metal based) have been combined with organoboronates to form new C–C bonds via cationic intermediates. The new chemical transformations thus made available, along with the extraordinary chemical compatibility the new catalysts provide, have enabled access to a variety of new target motifs for synthesis. Increased understanding of the catalytic mechanism and of the role of each reaction component have also led to additional applications of this mechanistic paradigm to new chemical transformations that otherwise would be unavailable or require more expensive and/or less sustainable catalysts.

acid promoted reactions figure

Host: Laulhé

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