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Speaker: Paulo A. Maia Neto, PhD Visiting Professor, IUPUI Physics Dept. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and IUPUI Location: LD 010

"Optical Tweezers: Using Lasers to Manipulate Micro-Particles"


The 2018 Physics Nobel Prize was awarded "for groundbreaking inventions in the field of laser physics", with one half to Arthur Ashkin "for the optical tweezers and their application to biological systems". 

In this colloquium, I will discuss Ashkin's seminal contributions and present the basic ingredients and concepts required for optical trapping of micro-particles. I also review applications of optical tweezers in physics and cell biology, particularly those which are currently under way at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. 

Refreshments at 3:00 pm in the Physics Conference Room LD 154B