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Speaker: Paul Macklin, IU Bloomington Location: LD 010

"High-throughput simulation studies of multicellular systems with PhysiCell"

Abstract:  Multicellular systems are complex, multiscale dynamical systems where cells interact with one another and their environment physically and chemically. To investigate these systems, we have developed open source software including BioFVM for biological diffusion and PhysiCell: an agent-based model platform. This talk will introduce PhysiCell in a variety of problems in cancer, immunotherapy, and engineered multicellular systems. We will discuss plans for a growing, sustainable open source community and software ecosystem, including training materials, automated GUI generation for cloud-hosted models, visualization, extension with molecular-scale models, and more. Finally, we will explore how machine learning and high performance computing (HPC) can enhance our investigations to allow high-throughput biological hypothesis testing.

Refreshments at 3:00 pm in the Physics Conference Room LD 154B