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Top 100 Science Students

2017 Top 100 Recipients 

School of Science announces Top 100 Students for 2019

The IUPUI School of Science is excited to announce that 45 of its students will be recognized by the IUPUI Alumni Council and the Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR) at the 20th Annual Top 100 Outstanding Students Recognition Dinner on April 12.

This year 45 School of Science students are on the Top 100 list, up four students from last year. Students will be recognized at the Top 100 Students Recognition Dinner on April 12, 2019. The Top 10 students will be named during the dinner along with one student recognized as “IUPUI’s most outstanding student.”

Strength in scholastic achievement, collegiate and co-curricular activities, and civic/community service are shown by the Top 100 students. Nominations are made by IUPUI faculty and staff and then selected by a panel of alumni, faculty, and staff.

The following School of Science students were named to the 2019 Top 100:

Opeibea Aidoo Biology
Sara Alhaffar Biology
Rabiah Amjad Biology & Neuroscience
Cassandra Anderson Chemistry & German
Aishat Carolyn Audu Biology
Curtis Auterson Neuroscience
Hannah Beers Biology
Hamza Bhai Neuroscience
Caylin Billingsley Biology
Matthew Blackwell Chemistry
Brittany Bogan Neuroscience & Psychology
Ethan Cornwell Biology
Kira Couch Biology
Symphony Davis Neuroscience
Kylie Dennis Biology & Neuroscience
Nirupama Devanathan Biology & Philanthropy
Jenna Durham Interdisciplinary Studies
Daniel Godfrey Chemistry
Daniel Hauersperger Mathematics & Health Data Science
Shannon Hearne Psychology
Amrita Hundal Neuroscience
Anthony Hunger Chemistry
Olivia Johnson Chemistry
Jason Kabir Neuroscience
Alison Koch Psychology
Justin Lazaro Environmental Science & Geology
Shivansh Mahajan Chemistry
Anna Martin Chemistry
Mustafa Mohamed Biology
Sarah Posante Biology
Rebekah Reynolds Chemistry
Sydney Romines Mathematics Teaching
Juan Sanchez Castro Biology & Neuroscience
Claudia Santacruz Biology
Harry Sidhu Biology
Michael Smith Biology
Gagan Sooch Biology
Maggie Stinnett Chemistry
Michael Stottlemyer Mathematics Teaching
Shivani Suravarjjala Neuroscience
Kaylee Tutrow Neuroscience & Psychology
Nina Ustymchuk Neuroscience & Psychology
Shelbie Walker Chemistry
Collin Wilkins Biology
Christian Winter Neuroscience

The School of Science at IUPUI is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service in the biological, physical, behavioral, and mathematical sciences. The school is dedicated to being a leading resource for interdisciplinary research and science education in support of Indiana's effort to expand and diversify its economy.

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