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Math Department Announces Its Annual High School Math Contest Winners

2017 IUPUI High School Mathematics Contest: One Indiana high school student was awarded a full four-year academic tuition scholarship to the School of Science at IUPUI.

INDIANAPOLIS—  Sponsored by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, the contest concluded Friday, April 14, with an awards ceremony on the IUPUI campus.

First prize winner:
-Riley Borgard, Carmel High School

In January of every year, contest questions and themes are emailed to Indiana high schools and posted online. Students work on the questions independently and mail in their solutions. Sixty-six high school students throughout Indiana worked through these math problems for the competition during the early spring.

To solve the competition questions, students studied patterns, analyzed relationships, drafted and refined their solutions, and finally submitted their work to the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Many high school teachers used this as an opportunity to supplement their own lesson plans and provide students with creative and competitive outlets. 
IUPUI mathematics faculty and graduate students volunteer more than 100 hours to judge all entries based on the student's method of finding the solution, correctness, and elegance of solution. Participants were invited to campus for the award ceremony in April. The following prizes were awarded: First Place: $300 and a full four-year academic tuition scholarship*; Second Place (five winners): $150 and a $2,000 scholarship*; and Third Place: (ten winners): $100 and a $2,000 scholarship*.

Learn more about the contest and this year’s contest questions:  IUPUI High School Math Contest.
*In order to receive the scholarship, the winner must be directly admitted to the School of Science at IUPUI, major in any discipline in the School of Science, and attend full-time. These scholarships are renewable for four years, subject to certain requirements. 
 Full list of winners


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