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School of Science honors record number of graduates in 2016

The IUPUI School of Science awarded a record 765 degrees total during its commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 8.

INDIANAPOLIS — The graduating class of 2016 consists of a record 582 bachelor's degree recipients, 153 master's degree recipients and 30 doctoral degree recipients.

School of Science Dean Simon Rhodes introduced the class of 2016 with a few remarks about the impact an IUPUI education has.

"Because of the path that you have taken here in science at IUPUI you are optimally prepared to be successful – you have done real research that has taught you how to address important questions, how to problem solve, how to be independent, how to communicate, how to work in a team… in other words, it has taught you the skills that an employer, a graduate school or a professional school is looking for. You are already research scientists, contributors, mentors and leaders."

Zachary Reynolds, a computer science student was chosen to represent the School of Science Class of 2016 class with a commencement speech. Reynolds reflected on his research, study abroad and mentoring experiences while at student at IUPUI.

The teaching, research and outreach done by students included:

  • Exploring how a history of high caffeine and alcohol consumption may influence how individuals interact with other drugs of abuse
  • Developing new techniques to help forensic detection of crimes and prevent cheating in motor sports
  • Investigating why some amphibians can regenerate after spinal cord injuries to help provide more effect treatments in human spinal cord injuries
  • Using geographic information to help improve public health during extreme weather and infectious disease outbreaks 
  • Studying the effects of a soybean product in cancer therapy
  • Improving treatment programs for Parkinson's disease
  • Using mathematics to model and understand blood flow in certain human diseases

Surveys of graduates from May 2015 indicated that nearly 40% of School of Science bachelor’s degree recipients attained jobs after graduation and a little over 30% attended or planned to attend graduate of professional school. 


The School of Science at IUPUI is committed to excellence in teaching, research and service in the biological, physical, behavioral and mathematical sciences. The school is dedicated to being a leading resource for interdisciplinary research and science education in support of Indiana's effort to expand and diversify its economy.

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