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Doctorate student receives national forensic science scholarship

A doctorate student in the School of Science has been awarded a prestigious scholarship from the J. Edgar Hoover Foundation.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Gina Dembinski was named the J. Edgar Hoover Foundation’s 2015 recipient of the Scientific Scholarship in recognition of her fine talents. Dembinski received her master’s degree in forensic science from the School of Science in 2013. She is now pursuing a doctorate degree in biology.

According to the Foundation, the Scientific Scholarship was established “in recognition of the essential role scientific techniques continue to play in the ongoing work of today’s law enforcement professionals and the need to support outstanding students who are pursuing degrees in scientific fields relevant to modern day law enforcement.”

Dembinski will receive a $25,000 check to cover expenses to further her academic career. The scholarship was established in 2001, and Dembinski is the first recipient studying at an Indiana school. The Foundation solicits candidates from colleges and universities with accredited forensic science programs.

A reception honoring Dembinski will be held at 5 p.m. Wednesday, September 23, in the SELB atrium.

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