Kashyap Vasavada Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus , Physics


Ph.D. 1964 University of Maryland (Physics)

M.S. 1960 University of Delhi, Delhi, India (Physics)

B.S. 1958 University of Baroda, India (Physics)

Current Research

My research interests are in theoretical calculations and computer simulations of various physical phenomena. Over the years, I have studied systems relevant to high energy physics, atomic physics, nuclear magnetic resonance, electron paramagnetic resonance, optical physics and electromagnetic scattering from complex objects such as aircraft. Very often such simulations reveal properties of systems which are not at all obvious from just looking at the experimental data. In many cases these simulations require inversions of large matrices and solutions of several coupled partial differential equations. Sometimes it is necessary to develop special mathematical techniques before computer simulations become feasible.One such example was development of conjugate gradient technique to invert very large sparce matrices. I have also applied simulation techniques such as finite difference and finite element methods. In optical physics, my research is concerned with simulations on noise spectroscopy, lasing without inversion, pulse propagation in coherently prepared media, laser instability, chaos and laser synchronization.