Learn about First Year Experience options

Starting college is a big step, and it’s important to get off on the right foot. When you begin your first year as a student in the School of Science, you’ll benefit from a range of programs and services designed to help you make a successful transition to college.

All students are required to enroll in one of the three following first year experiences. Read on to decide which is the best fit for you!

First Year Experience Course

Ease into the college transition! Within the School of Science you might take our “Windows on Science” first year experience course during your first semester. Check out course listings online and speak to your advisor to help pick the right first year experience course for you!

Or you might opt for the next level of commitment and reward by participating in a Summer Bridge experience or joining a Themed Learning Community: 

Summer Bridge

This option entails beginning the Windows course two weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester. In those two weeks, you'll begin to cover some of the typical Windows course content, get intensive refreshers on Math, and primers on college-level reading and writing. Get a head start!

Themed Learning Communities

The third option, which provides the most support to you as an incoming student, is to enroll in a Themed Learning Community.  Typically, a TLC involves a group of students enrolling together in a first year experience course, an intro-level course in their major, and a related general education course from another discipline. The instructional team in a TLC works to weave the chosen theme through the assignments and topics covered in all three courses. This year you can get involved in a TLC such as Molecules to Medicines, Inequality and Social Justice , Science and Philosophy and many more! Explore TLC's!