Ph.D. Preliminary Examination

student smilingThe Preliminary Examination should be scheduled within one year of the completion of the M.S. degree, and must be taken at least a full year before the expected graduation date. The exam involves several steps:

  1. The Ph.D. advisor, with the assistance of the student’s Ph.D. Committee, will advise the student on the content of the examination. Generally, it is expected that the content will address aspects of the student’s proposed Ph.D. research.
  2. The student prepares a 10-25-page report on his/her proposed research and results obtained to date. The student will be expected to understand the significance of the research and be able to place it in a broad perspective.
  3. The Ph.D. Advisory Committee will review the written report and schedule an oral examination to test the student’s preparedness to pursue Ph.D. studies.
  4. Questions in the exam need not be restricted to specifics of the research area.
  5. Based on the student’s course work, his/her research proposal, and the oral examination, the Advisory Committee will determine what further course and other work may be required to properly prepare the student for his/her research, thesis preparation, and thesis defense.

Request for Preliminary Examination

Request for Final Examination