Requirements for Research & Thesis

student smilingThere are specific deadlines each semester for a “Format Check” of the thesis and for “Final Submission” of the thesis that usually come two weeks before and on the last day of the semester respectively. Failure to meet these deadlines will delay graduation by a semester. Check with your advisor for the date of the appropriate deadlines.

Manuals for Thesis Preparation
All School of Science graduate students, with the exception of those pursuing an M.S. in geology or Ph.D. in applied earth sciences, should review Purdue University guidelines for thesis preparation.

Graduate students finishing up research, have an incomplete or are completing their last semester at another institution
Graduate and doctoral student enrollment in CAND 99100, CAND 99200, or CAND 99300 is dependent on remaining requirements. Speak with your advisor, email Mary Harden or call her at 317-278-0214 for more information.

Graduate Student Examination Deadlines & Candidacy Course Info
If you are entering the last semester of your Doctor of Philosophy or Master of Science degree, it is important to know the graduation deadlines set by Purdue or Indiana University. Both the applied earth sciences Ph.D. and biostatistics Ph.D. are awarded by Indiana University; all other doctorate degrees are awarded by Purdue University.