Graduate Admissions

Luis Palacio with Small Angle X-ray Scattering
Graduate Student Luis Palacio working with Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS)

Students seeking to enroll in the physics graduate programs should have a background in the usual undergraduate courses in physics, mathematics and other sciences. Graduates from related fields of study in pure and applied sciences, and engineering, may be accepted on a probationary basis until they have completed any necessary undergraduate courses in physics.


Complete the IUPUI Online Application: Please be sure to complete the Personal Statement regarding your goals and plans for your professional career in the on-line application. Also note the specific area of Physics that interests you. An application fee will be charged which may be paid by credit or debit card. Apply now.

Mail the following required application materials to:

Director of Graduate Programs
Department of Physics
IUPUI School of Science
402 N. Blackford St., LD 154
Indianapolis IN 46202-3273

  • Letters of Recommendation: We require three letters of recommendation from people familiar with you and your student and/or professional career. (See recommended letter format.)
  • Transcripts: One original copy of the official transcript(s) of all previous university work is required. All degrees awarded should be documented. A list of university courses and their titles which do not appear on the transcript(s) should also be sent to us.
  • GRE: You are required to take the Graduate Record Examination general test. The subject test in physics is not required, but is strongly encouraged. Please have the documentation of your score mailed directly to us from Educational Testing Service.
    • IMPORTANT: All potential applicants be advised that if you need your score reports before November 1, 2017 you should take the current GRE General Test before August 1, 2017.  A revised GRE test has been created and will be implemented August 1, 2017 and scores for tests taken in August - October 31 will not be released until November 1, 2017 at the earliest.  For more information please visit
  • TOEFL: Foreign students must take the TOEFL or IELTS. The minimum scores required for admission are 79 (TOEFL internet-based test); 213 (TOEFL computer-based test); or 6.5 (IELTS).


Fellowships & Assistantship: Fall semester deadline to be considered for a Fellowship or a Teaching Assistantship is March 15. In addition University Fellowships are available. Those have an earlier deadline of January 15.

Physics Qualifying Exam: The Qualifying Exam must be taken, at the latest, after completing the first semester of graduate work. Two consecutive attempts are permitted to obtain a passing grade. A free attempt is granted to the student upon first enrolling in the Department.