A Message from the Chair

Andy Gavrin, Associate Professor and Chair, Physics
Andy Gavrin, Associate Professor and Chair, Physics

My colleagues and I take great pleasure in exploring the physical world and relating our knowledge to others. Physics is an endlessly fascinating field that encompasses matter, energy, and all of the interactions among them. It seeks to answer questions about the tiniest subatomic particles and about the universe itself. Using advanced mathematics, supercomputers, ultrahigh vacuum, superconducting magnets, and a host of instruments large and small, the physics faculty at IUPUI seek to create new knowledge about the world around us.

We teach courses in physics that appeal to students at every level. Students who have no prior knowledge of physics, those who need physics to pursue their career, and those who would devote themselves to physics, will find courses that suit their interests and needs. We offer bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in physics, and have programs that allow students to specialize in biophysics, physics teaching, and combinations of physics with mechanical and electrical engineering.

A degree in physics can be the beginning of an extraordinary career. Physics majors become doctors, lawyers, engineers, computer specialists, teachers, researchers, and leaders in business and government. As of this writing, there are three physicists in the US congress.

In closing, I wish you the best in your exploration of physics, our department, and IUPUI.


Andy Gavrin, Associate Professor and Chair