DJ Angus-Scientech Education Foundation Physics Scholarship

This scholarship was created by the D.J. Angus-Scientech Education Foundation. It is awarded to a sophomore or junior student who is in good academic standing, who has shown the greatest improvement in grade average in Physics and who has displayed a good citizenship record.


2011: Kenny Jo Krajnik
2010: David Newby
2009: Derek Vleck
2008: Vance Chapman
2007: Darrell Goodwin
2006: Krista Cowen
2005: Jessica White
2004: Francis Bowen
2003: Justin R. Jenkins
2002: Marques A. Franklin
2001: David L. McDowell
2000: Jason E. Peel
1999: Jennifer C. Green
1998: Natalie J. Shepherd
1997: Marcus C. West